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Safe secure Baggage Storage. Open every day 7am -8pm


Waikiki Baggage Storage offers you a safe place to store your luggage prior to check-in or have a late flight leaving Honolulu. Bring your baggage to our safe secure store and spend the day at the beach. Our centrally located store is located 1/2 block from International Market  (Kuhio Side) at 417 Nahua Street. All bags are also monitored 24/7 by our video surveillance cameras. 

No reservations are needed.


Waikiki Baggage Storage

Any size bag is only $8 for 24 hours. Weekly rates are $49 per bag and monthly rates $99 per bag. Payment can be either cash or by credit card.  We are offering a Winter 2020 Internet Special for ONLY $6 per bag/day, when mentioning " Surfing Hawaii Special" to any of our staff.

SIM CARDS with USA Number

SIM CARDS. If you are visiting Hawaii and USA. We offer 2 unlimited Voice/DATA/Text discounted plans

  • Buy your USA/Hawaii SIM Card with us and save money. Our 30 day prepaid SIM Cards include unlimited voice/data/text (Phones must be UNLOCKED to use SIM CARDS)

Ask our staff which plan is best for you.

(Plan A $23)  (Plan B $29 ) (Plan C $39)  (Plan D $50) All plans include sim card, unlimited voice calls/text and data. (Plan A has 2GB of 4G Data, Plan B has 5GB of 4G Data, Plan C has 15GB  of Data, Plan D has UNLIMITED 4G Data) On plans A/B/C if you go over the 4G amount above, data speed drops to 2G Speed.

How it works

Security of your property is our main concern. We have the latest and most advanced system.

  1. Enter a phone number on Ipad.
  2. A photo is taken for security.
  3. Bags are scanned and a digital photo is taken and added to your profile. 
  4. A text message is sent to you with your baggage number. (if you do not have a mobile number, email or a copy of baggage number are also available)
  5. Bags are then locked up in our secure back room with 24 hour cameras. 


  1. Our staff will ask you for either the phone number or the text with your baggage number
  2. If the number matches your face, staff will get your bags

Waikiki Baggage Storage

417 Nahua Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815, United States

888 768 7229

Hours of Service

Open today

07:00 am – 08:00 pm

At Waikiki Baggage, you don’t need to reserve space but feel free to call or email us your dates prior to arriving In paradise. 

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